Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I will follow.

In a past semester I took a Sociology class, something basic but required for my degree. I thrived in the class and while taking the course I learned all about the development of humans and their organization, the way they function in society, and the fundamental laws of their social relations and institutions. It was probably my favorite class, up until the day about religion. I am not one to bash on the beliefs of others and I don't expect everyone to believe the things I choose to. After listening to my Professor talk for over an hour on how religion is a joke and how humans mentally "created" an all powerful being so that they would feel better about things like death, pain and taxes I was enraged to say the least. This seems like a logical excuse right? But that's the funny part, it is all logic. Religion is so much more. I had a dear family friend pass away due to cancer several years ago. Something like this could tear a family apart. Rather than getting torn apart the family grew and the entire community came together as a whole. The neighbors and ward members worked hard so that the family could celebrate their last Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a family in early October. As our dear friend neared death he could have become afraid and questioned his beliefs. But instead he grew closer to the Lord and his sweet wife. He sought forgiveness from those he wronged and advised his children to hold firm to the gospel. In his last days he grew to become someone we were all proud to have known. As my professor would say, "this family created a supernal being to help them cope with their loss". But no one could ever assume that humans created a God if they felt the true spirit that I feel when I attend church every Sunday. If the greatest scientist in the world was an atheist with a goal to tear me from my beliefs and prove everything I knew about the church to be wrong, he could definitely try. But I wouldn't stop exercising my faith, and I wouldn't start partaking of the fruits of the world and nothing he said could make me deny Christ. I was so angry after my hearing my professor give us every reason to give up our faith that I wanted to drag him into primary to hear the children singing so passionately about things that they don't fully comprehend yet. I wanted to dress him up like a girl and sneak him into Relief Society to listen to the women talking about serving each other with such diligence that my "all knowing" professor would be in awe. I wanted to sit him down during sacrament meeting so that he might  feel that which I feel every week as I listen to the silence. As I ponder while partaking of the bread and water that symbolize the selfless sacrifice of our Savior. Because I know if my professor experienced that, there is no way he could doubt the presence of God. 

A dear friend of mine has recently denounced the church. Whether it is a permanent choice in his life here or something temporary. I want to tell him how true the church is, and how saddened I am by his choice. I want him to know that he is loved. Whether you are hurting from present choices or past decisions, there is one and only one who understands completely what you are going through. For I know that when we are apart from God, he weeps for us. Life is hard, but the journey seems a lot easier when I know who I've got on my side. I am so grateful for my wonderful priesthood holder and the example he is to me. After dedicating our apartment there is a new spirit that resides there. I cannot wait for the blessings to come in the future, whether they are back to school blessings, baby blessings or blessings to heal. I am grateful for them.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The gift of life.

You hear all about the gift of life and how beautiful it is but I don't think that rule should apply to dogs. They should have a birthing prep class for all who intend to watch the birth of an animal because it is NASTY.  I'm grateful that I got to see it, but glad I never have to experience it again. Our dear friends Daniel and Aubrey had 1 dog to begin with. Then they adopted another of the opposite sex who was supposedly "fixed". I bet you know where I'm going with this. Yup, they now have six dogs (four of which don't count as dogs because they are itty bitty!) Luckily momma Tamika is nice enough to let me hold her puppies. They are the most adorable little things that make the most adorable noises and let me just say, I've never wanted a puppy so bad in my entire life. Unfortunately Ryan is the responsible one in our relationship and he say's "no house? no dog". I'm grateful for his wise decisions but it has cost us a lot of money in gas since I insist on driving down to Provo several times a week to see the little small things (and they will only get cuter).
 Drum roll please...

 Can I just say... YUM!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Waking up to reality

I'm not much of a blogger, but after showing my family photographs of the new and improved, I was convinced to start a blog of yummy recipes, DIY decor and the start of a wonderful life with a wonderful hubby. 

After "The Big Day" and a beautiful (short-lived) honeymoon we came home to our snugly one bedroom, one bathroom apartment, chuck full of our things. The apartment seemed rather spacious when picking out paints and imagining furniture placement. However, walking through the door was a challenge. Not only because of the narrow hallway leading downstairs (narrow enough that we had to give up several furniture favs), but because I wanted to turn and flee for my parents house which contained my old bedroom. Two closets, tremendous storage and my own bathroom. You can imagine why Ryan asked if he should just leave all of his things at his old apartment for space conservation.

Every room looked like this at one point.

Ryan woke up to me screaming to this "Little Guy". Say what you will, but this thing has got a jump in his step and he chased me down in the shower.

Our first meals may not have been gourmet but they hit the spot and looked fabulous on our boldly painted kitchen table.

I come from a family that loves to cook. So I've taken it upon myself to show Ryan how things are done "the Elder way". My Mother reads a recipe and measures each measurement precisely, my Dad throws the recipe out the window and combines things he thinks will taste good (that daredevil). I think I have found common ground. I typically stick to a recipe but try new ways of cooking to make it more flavorful, moist or just exciting to eat. I made my mothers traditional eclair dessert (to die for) with a twist. I poured it into individual mini muffin tins. It was more tedious but definitely more manageable to eat without a fork (Ryan ate like a hundred of these things!)

The greatest part of our new location is living beneath this doll baby. She has got sooo much personality and I'm pretty sure I could spend all my time with her! 

My dear sister-in law Rachel is constantly dressing her up but for a split second I caught the child looking homely and I had to snap a pic of it. She still looks like a doll. But as my Dad would say, she looks white trash. The Elder genes in her are causing her ghetto booty to grow at such a rate that Huggies had no chance of keeping up. Now you know where they came up with the phrase "bursting at the seams".

So far it has been the best three weeks of my life. Marriage is fabulous, it's probably a good thing no one told me how fun it was before or I would've done it sooner. Ryan is such a good husband. The other day I was suffering from major feminine problems and asked him to bring a heating pad to my work so that I could make it through the day. He showed up to my work with chocolate and two hot pads :)

 It has been a blast to spend every free second with my best friend and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. I could not ask for a better life.

Here's to eternity.