Friday, September 21, 2012

The gift of life.

You hear all about the gift of life and how beautiful it is but I don't think that rule should apply to dogs. They should have a birthing prep class for all who intend to watch the birth of an animal because it is NASTY.  I'm grateful that I got to see it, but glad I never have to experience it again. Our dear friends Daniel and Aubrey had 1 dog to begin with. Then they adopted another of the opposite sex who was supposedly "fixed". I bet you know where I'm going with this. Yup, they now have six dogs (four of which don't count as dogs because they are itty bitty!) Luckily momma Tamika is nice enough to let me hold her puppies. They are the most adorable little things that make the most adorable noises and let me just say, I've never wanted a puppy so bad in my entire life. Unfortunately Ryan is the responsible one in our relationship and he say's "no house? no dog". I'm grateful for his wise decisions but it has cost us a lot of money in gas since I insist on driving down to Provo several times a week to see the little small things (and they will only get cuter).
 Drum roll please...

 Can I just say... YUM!!!

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