Friday, May 31, 2013

From Generation to Generation.

Today is a day, unlike any other. Thirty-three years ago, on May 31st, my parents were sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple. That's right, thirty-three flipping years! And through those 33 years, my mother has waited patiently to buy her own, brand new, top of the line furniture. As many of you know my darling parents have been refinishing their house from TOP to BOTTOM. This means all new everything for my mother dearest. What does this entail for Ryan and I? A house full of furniture projects. Today I'm going to show you my favorite refinish EVER, (and also the hardest). My Great Grandma Jane Thomas had the most beautiful table and hutch that got passed down through the generations of my Grandma, Mother and now myself. Unfortunately, it had seen better days. The hutch has slowly gotten dented, scratched and dinged over the years so that will need a refinish pronto. But today I would like to post about my now favorite kitchen table. 

My Sweet husband knew that I wanted to do this project for a while and that I just needed a little jump start. When I came home from work one afternoon I saw our kitchen table out on the balcony, sanded and ready to go. 

As you can tell, the table has a very antique feel about it. From the older "V" wood grain, to the rounded edges, it is all around pretty vintage. But I wanted to pump it up a notch so we went with a REALLY dark finish. The picture above shows the before (on the left) and the table after the first coat of stain (on the right). Neither one looked very pretty and it was at this point that I panicked. I didn't know how it would turn out and my husband had never worked with this particular stain/poly in one. But, I just waited, and stained and waited and stained until finally it looked just how I wanted.

After a big screw-up and a few tears I got the table to look exactly as I imagined.
Next up- The outdated hutch.


  1. It looks so pretty! I love that you upcycled a family piece. It turned out beautiful:)