Monday, June 3, 2013

Where's the baby?

Now that school and work have taken over our lives, my projects have been getting put on the back burner. But there is one project I could NOT put off any longer, the rocking chair from H! We found this bad boy at a yard sale for $15 buckaroo's! Seeing how I'm more hungry for a baby than any newlywed, I figured I'd start stocking up on baby furniture (things we could use now) so that we didn't have to spend as much money in the future when we actually have a baby. The chair looked disgusting (to say the least).

When Ryan saw the chair he asked if I was sure I wanted to spend (waste) the money on it. I told him it would be worth it in the end since nursery gliders are $150-$200. I found some darling fabric on amazon for around $7 a yard and ordered it immediately. The fabric was mature enough that we could have it in our bedroom but fun enough that we could use it to accent a darling nursery. It showed up at our new apartment days later and I (bursting with excitement) got right to work. 

It took me all of 5 minutes to recover the foot glider/ottoman. I just measured and cut the fabric and stretched it over the ottoman. After I flipped the ottoman over and folded a nice seam I started stapling until it was done.

The Glider was a bit more difficult. I hated the thought of a loose cushion sliding around so I stapled the bum cushion right to the wood. Three sides of the cushion were fairly easy and I'm sure you can imagine how the fourth side turned out. I love this fabric but recovering all 3 cushions may have been overwhelming so instead I recovered the ottoman and the bum cushion but tossed the nasty tan back cushion in the garbage and purchased a small back pillow from Ross for $5.

After I decided it was done, Ryan decided it NEEDED armrests so I stapled on some fabric and stuffed the arms until it had adequate padding.
 The finished product...

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  1. It turned out awesome, you have a gift! I can't wait til you have a lil' baby to rock in it though!