Thursday, September 19, 2013


Life has been NUTS lately! I feel like my weekends have been taken over by parties. NOT what you're thinking. I don't party hop from house to house or play "Mountain Dew" pong. I mean grown up, finger sandwich, sipping tea, playing afternoon cards parties (believe it or not THIS is the kind of party I live for).

I love to show my creative side and even more so pretend I actually have one. These parties have allowed my inner party planning beast to run rampant! As many of you know, every woman I know is pregnant right now, so I'm a baby shower planning fool. If any of you know me well you know that I will use ANY and ALL excuses to throw a party. Since all of my sisters in law are expecting their 2nd or 3rd children I decided a shower wasn't necessary, but a sprinkle was!

Take note: I AM human, I did not plan these parties all by myself.

Kiley, my sister in law, is expecting the middle of October so we threw a little retro aqua and red themed brunch "sprinkle" for her. 

In case you couldn't tell by these pictures, we had candy GALORE. Ryan and I are STILL trying to finish off the last of it.

The next party I planned was another "sprinkle" for the lovely Becca who is due the first week of November.
We decided to throw a "travel" themed party. Globes, planes, maps, etc.

Last but not least, The Great Gatsby Party that Ry and I threw. (When I say Ryan and I threw it I mean he helped fold the Laundry and make appetizers).

More to come on Rachel Smart Elder's Shower. 


  1. Those were some pretty inspired themes. You are so fun and creative.